General Auto Repairs

Serving Milldale, CT & Surrounding Areas

Family owned since 1989, Mantz Auto Sales & Repair, Inc. employs the latest techniques and uses advanced technology to deliver quality auto repair services. Our certified technicians are dedicated to helping customers in Milldale, CT and surrounding areas improve the efficiency, drivability, and safety of their vehicles. We work hard to get the job done right in a timely manner, and to provide honest repairs that you can count on.

Mantz Auto Sales & Repair, Inc. is a certified NAPA AutoCare Center. This means we offer the benefits of a national entity, including a national warranty on qualifying services, with the personal touch of a local, family business. Whether you need an automotive diagnostic, general maintenance and repairs, or snow removal equipment, we are here to help!

Our auto repair services include, but are not limited to…

Oil Changes Tune-ups Full Brake Service Exhaust System Front Ends Transmission Timing Belts Power Steering Flush Cooling System AC System Tire Service & Wheel Alignment

Oil Changes

To maximize engine efficiency and keep a well-run vehicle, experts recommend changing the oil and the oil filter in your vehicle every three months or 3,000 miles – whichever comes first. If you need an oil change, we will be sure to get you in and out of our shop in no time.


Regular tune-ups helps ensure all of your vehicle’s systems are working together harmoniously. At Mantz Auto Sales & Repair, Inc., we offer a full range of tune-up and maintenance services to protect your engine and bring power back to your car. We inspect all engine components and install new parts as needed. To learn more about our engine services, visit our Engine Repairs Page.

Full Brake Service

Inspecting your brakes at least twice a year for wear and damage will help to ensure you never have to experience losing your brakes while on the road. We provide service for all brake system components, including the master cylinder, brake fluid, brake lines, and brake pads. If your car isn’t stopping like it used to, bring it into our shop right away. We will work hard to restore safety to your vehicle.

Exhaust System

Mantz Auto Sales & Repair, Inc. is equipped to handle all of your vehicle’s exhaust system and muffler repair issues. Weather and normal road conditions can damage or wear out parts of your exhaust over time. We can repair or replace all exhaust parts that are broken or missing to help you maintain a quiet ride. A well functioning exhaust also reduces your exposure to harmful gases and fumes.

Front Ends

Our technicians can replace repair worn or damaged front end components of your vehicle to improve drivability. We can also complete a full front end alignment to keep your wheels straight. If your car feels unstable, visit our shop to have a front end diagnostic performed.

Transmission Service

We offer differential rebuild or replacement transmission service. Using advanced automotive technology, we can install a safe and effective cleaner to suspend harmful varnish and sludge from the transmission valve body, torque converter and lines. We also have the tools to Install new, high-tech fluid with conditioners.

Timing Belts

Timing belt replacement is an important maintenance service in order to avoid costly damages down the line. Timing belts wear out naturally and we can replace a worn belt before it slips or breaks. To find out if you are due for a timing belt replacement, give us a call today.

Power Steering Flush

Our technicians use a powerful cleaner to dissolve gum and varnish in your vehicle’s power steering unit. After that, we flush old, worn-out contaminated fluid and install new fluid fortified with a special antioxidant and anti-wear ingredients to prevent expensive mechanical failure.

Cooling System Service

We can clean and flush out your vehicle’s cooling system to help it run cool. We also check caps, hoses, and connections to determine if any of these components needs to be repaired or replaced. Antifreeze is another important part of your car’s cooling system service. We can change your antifreeze to make sure your system doesn’t freeze when cold weather strikes. From simple pressure tests to full radiator replacements, trust the team at Mantz Auto Sales & Repair, Inc.

AC System Service

To help you stay comfortable throughout the summer, we give your car’s AC system the care and attention it needs to avoid drying out and cracking. We perform a full inspection of the AC system, check all NC lines, and the evaporator and compressor for leaks and wear.

Tire Service & Wheel Alignment

Mantz Auto Sales & Repair, Inc. is proud to offer a full range of tire services to help your vehicle run smoothly, including wheel alignment. Signs of an incorrect wheel alignment include uneven tire wear, your vehicle pulling to the left or right, and a vibrating steering wheel. We complete total wheel alignments to give you better gas mileage and improve handling. It’s our goal to keep you safe on the road! For more information about how we can help you maintain your car’s tires, visit our Tire Service Page.